Every Folk


I’m working alongside two of my folksiest friends to create Every Folk, a three day all-inclusive sleep-away camp for adults. The camp is designed to share traditional arts, knowledge and skills through music, storytelling, crafts and food. It will be held bi-yearly at Camp Krem in Boulder Creek, CA.

As co-founder, I’ve produced many of Every Folk’s key elements. I created the camp’s website and built out the social media profiles. I’ve also handled Every Folk’s finances, setting up the company bank account, managing Eventbrite ticket sales and pricing, and helping make decisions about the camp’s structure, budget, and staff and instructor pay. My co-founders lovingly refer to me as the Accountability Director because of my unique ability to wrangle their creative energy and put it to productive use.

Check out http://www.everyfolk.com to learn more.

Camp Orange

I was one of 32 friends who came together to create Camp Orange, a banana themed Burning Man camp, in 2013. I have since lead several committees, including Decor Committee, Play Things Committee and MOOP Committee, and I’ve [radically] participated in many more. In particular, I was responsible for procuring massive amounts of fabric for decor and dome covering, I made 10 yellow rip-stop nylon hammocks (5 for the “banana bunch” pictured below, 5 for inside the dome), I helped sew the fabric cover on the banana-stand top, and I lent my skills and labor to numerous other camp projects.

In 2015, I stitched more than a dozen custom embroidered patches for my camp-mates (of their respective playa names). Click through to see a sampling of them below:

As a founding member (aka an “orange banana”), I help push the camp to contribute to the Burn as best it can every year.