The Heroic Future

Working alongside Alex Steffen, Alison generated more than $75,000 on Kickstarter to produce a three-night talk series. She created the promotional video for Kickstarter, edited the page content, gathered press mentions and followed up on backer leads.

Check out the Kickstarter page here and watch the video below.

Once the event was funded, Alison shifted her focus to planning and producing the three nights of the event, including the following tasks:

  • securing a venue
  • hiring a film crew
  • renting equipment
  • ensuring venue compliance
  • recruiting volunteers
  • designing programs
  • selling additional tickets
  • creating a scholarship ticket ticket program and offering tickets to applicants

By managing all these details, she enabled Alex to focus exclusively on content. The series was a success and brought hundreds of attendees. 

Afterwards Alison again shifted her focus, this time to editing the six hours of raw footage from the series into something digestible for a general audience. She hired a professional video editor for this project, and worked with Alex to find highlights from the three nights and slice them into a flow. The resulting video can be found here.