Every Folk


I’m working alongside two of my folksiest friends to create Every Folk, a three day all-inclusive sleep-away camp for adults. The camp is designed to share traditional arts, knowledge and skills through music, storytelling, crafts and food. It will be held bi-yearly at Camp Krem in Boulder Creek, CA.

As co-founder, I’ve produced many of Every Folk’s key elements. I created the camp’s website and built out the social media profiles. I’ve also handled Every Folk’s finances, setting up the company bank account, managing Eventbrite ticket sales and pricing, and helping make decisions about the camp’s structure, budget, and staff and instructor pay. My co-founders lovingly refer to me as the Accountability Director because of my unique ability to wrangle their creative energy and put it to productive use.

Check out http://www.everyfolk.com to learn more.

The Nearly Now

The Nearly Now is a subscription based “anticipatory journalism” project written by Alex Steffen. Alex describes it as “a newsletter of provocative and compelling stories from the year 2025 — stories about people fighting for a better world, on a planet slipping into crisis.”


Working as Alex’s Chief of Staff, I helped lay the groundwork for this project. I fine tuned the concept and brainstormed story ideas. I also drafted the logo, based on Alex’s idea, and then contracted a designer on Fivrr to perfect it. I created matching imagery for social media, and used Medium to build the project’s landing page. I spoke with with Medium’s product team to learn more about their membership program and researched the alternatives for subscriber payments before deciding to go with MailChimp in conjunction with Campaignzee.

Alex and I launched the project in late January, 2017, and he’s continued writing on this platform and building his audience of subscribers ever since.

AlexSteffen.com + Newsletter

In the fall of 2014, I worked with Alex Steffen to relaunch his website, alexsteffen.com. Considering the design and functionality that Alex needed to run and promote his business of writing, public speaking and consulting, we decided to build a new site on the NationBuilder platform.

I worked with Alex to outline the necessary content and site framework, and we selected pieces of the old WordPress site to migrate. I then gathered quotes from several NationBuilder “architects” and conducted interviews to find the best candidate to fit our needs and budget. I selected Zac Maybury, and with my oversight and Alex’s final approval, he built the site as it stands today.

Once the site was live, we relaunched Alex’s newsletter through NationBuilder, carefully migrating the audience over from MailChimp. I edited that newsletter, which regularly reached more than 500 subscribers.

The Bar Method Websites


As The Bar Method’s Marketing Assistant, I collaborated with a contracted web developer to completely rebuild barmethod.com, upgrading from an html site built in the early 2000s to a more user friendly site built on the WordPress platform. I acted as the primary contact for the developer, photo and copy editor, and facilitator in design review meetings. With input from the developer, the Bar Method’s CEO, COO, and Marketing Director, I worked to balance the various design constraints with diverse branding priorities to create a holistic company website.

Once the barmethod.com design and content was finalized, I helped generate replicates of the site so that each of the 76 franchisees could use their own subdomain version to promote their studio and classes. I wrote a step-by-step, back-end user guide, hosted several webinars, and held a number of one-on-one calls to help the franchise owners perfect their sites.