Sister District

Sister District is a political organization aimed at electing Democrats to state legislatures. They hired me in December 2017 for a two month contract to give their social media a boost so that the founders could focus on their longer term strategic goals. I was responsible for generating relevant content for Twitter, Facebook and Medium in accordance with the Sister District calendar and other current events. I monitored and responded to social media messages and posts, and worked to accurately convey the voice and spirit of the organization.

In those two months, I promoted Sister District’s mission and amplified their reach. I grew their Twitter following by roughly 3,000 (from ~9k to ~12k followers) and sent approximately 1,700 tweets. I also expanded their Facebook audience by 1,500 new page likes, with 60 posts.

Fundraising was one of the organization’s outreach goals; Sister District was running a crowdfunding campaign at the time to fund their operations. I helped the organization raise $40,000 during my two month contract, surpassing their funding goal.

During this time, Sister District was also focused on one special election in Florida’s state legislature, backing Margaret Good’s campaign. With my help promoting this endorsement through social media channels, the organization raised more than $30,000 to support her race. She won her election, thereby staving off a Republican supermajority in Florida!