Working to build a joyful, sustainable world

Alison Cantor is a fire-starter. She’ll take your dreams, your ideas, your hot air, and she’ll craft it all into something real. She facilitates impactful conversations, organizes epic events, and truly loves color-coded spreadsheets. She believes in the power of best-coast cities, civic engagement, and the social contract. She’s an excellent communicator, a frequent mistake maker, and a clumsy risk-taker, but she gets it done. She’s basically Leslie Knope, but prefers french toast over waffles.

Do you have a new project, program, initiative, or event you’d like to launch in Seattle? Reach out for more information on how we can work together.

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“Alison is smart, tenacious, organized, creative and industrious. She will get things done and find better ways to do them. She has a calm, easy and happy demeanor and continues to maintain her personality in stressful and complicated situations.”

– Dannah Lewis, former Marketing Director, The Bar Method

“We really cannot thank you enough for all of your great work — you really helped to take our social engagement to the next level, did a tremendous job getting the word out with the perfect tone, did an awesome job with the fundraising promotions, etc. etc. All of us are so incredibly grateful.”

– Lala Wu, Director of Engagement & Partnerships, Sister District